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Best Exercises To Quickly Lose Belly Fat

HIIT or Interval Training

Interval training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is exercise routines that involve short or intense exercise combined with lower-intensity movements and rest periods. These are also the best exercises to quickly lose belly fat and have been shown to help control weight and improve overall physical condition. Some of the best HIIT exercises include:


Jumping Jacks

Vigorous exercises, such as jumping jacks, can help you burn fat faster throughout your body, including your belly, due to their high intensity and high-calorie burn. Additionally, this exercise increases the body’s metabolic rate, increases muscle endurance, and aids in weight loss.

How to do it?

Maintain an upright posture with your legs and arms by your sides.

Jump on your feet wider than hip-width apart and raise your arms above your head. Return to the starting position by lowering your arms and bringing your legs together, and repeat the exercise until the set is complete.

Precautions: Due to the high impact nature of jumping jacks, they may be tax the joints.

 Jump Squats 

Jump squats are an excellent way to tone the calves, glutes, hamstrings, core, and quadriceps. Squats and jumping exercises engage various muscles in the lower body, core, and upper body. The primary muscles used are the hamstrings, gluteals, quadriceps, lower back, and abdominals. Stand on your feet shoulder-width apart.

How to do it: 

Begin with a standard squat, then engage your core and jump up with all your force. When you come to a complete stop, go back to the squat position. This completes one repetition.

Perform two sets of ten repetitions each.



High Knees

High knees are high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that is generally considered the ultimate fat-burning exercise. It works on your entire body and requires no equipment. Additionally, you can perform this one anywhere.

How to do this one is quite simple. Stand straight and alternately raise your knees to chest height. Continue switching legs with a hop, and that’s it. Perform at least four sets of 50 high knees on each leg to maximize calorie burn. You can also use a stopwatch to time yourself–a one-minute high knee is an excellent place to start.



As we all know, push-ups are not accessible. However, do not worry; you can always begin with knee push-ups and progress to the classic version. Essentially, the strength and power required to complete a push-up burn many calories and reduces upper body fat.

To begin, choose a few high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises for belly fat. 30 seconds of one activity followed by 30 seconds of rest. Carry out the next activity and then take a break. Once all the activities are completed, you can repeat the cycle a few more times. While getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily is critical, you want to avoid overtraining and pushing yourself too hard. Occasionally, when you overtrain, your body may produce an abnormal amount of cortisol. This is a stress hormone associated with belly fat, which means that excessive exercise may make it more challenging to lose belly fat. Follow the recommendations for moderate to vigorous exercise regularly and consult your physician if you have any questions about how your exercise routine can benefit your waistline.



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