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How To Stimulate Vagus Nerve With Massage?

Massage is a great way to stimulate your vagus nerve for anxiety and stress relief. There are simple vagus nerve massage techniques. You can do these massage techniques anytime you feel stressed to calm your nervous system quickly.

Vagus nerve massage for stress and anxiety relief

The vagus nerve is the main and long parasympathetic nerve of the body. Before you begin, remember to check with your doctor before doing any new exercises to ensure they are appropriate. One exciting thing to assess before you practice is checking on your ears and noticing if there is more tension on one side. We have to gently reach up and pull your ear away from your skull. And feel how soft and how firm your ear feels and then compare that with the other side.

After that, you can check that again after this vagus nerve massage technique. So, the first place you will access the vagus nerve in your ear is a little hollow just above your ear canal. So, you will come towards the ear canal, the little ridge above it. Now slide your finger into the hollow above that ridge and make gentle circles there. Then, do the same thing on the other side.

The second place to massage or stimulate or access your vagus nerve is at the back of your ear canal. Now find your ear canal and press it towards and backside. And again, make little circles to massage this area. Again, remember that there is no need to press really hard or use a lot of force. You are just giving a piece of sensory information to your nervous system. Next, do the same thing on the other side. And as you do this, you might notice that one side is easier to massage than the other.

How To Stimulate Vagus Nerve With Massage?

Now you can check and see if your ears have changed any? or can the move a little bit easier?

You can reach up and check to compare what you noticed at the beginning.

The reality is that while these are the primary places in your ear where you can contact and stimulate your vagus, never manually with a massage.

And the final place to massage your vagus nerve is behind the ear. Take the skin just behind the ear between your ear and hairline and gently slide it up towards the top of your head. You are basically just stretching the skin behind your ear upwards. Please do the same thing in reverse, take your skin and pull it down away from the top of your head towards your chin. Also, take the skin towards the back of your head.

As a result, you will notice that your breathing is a bit easier through your sinuses. You may notice many things because your vagus nerve is connected to many functions in your throat. So that is a simple way to massage your vagus nerve and calm your autonomic nervous system for instant stress and anxiety relief.


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