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Meridian Exercises for Relieving Constipation

In this article, you will learn about a series of exercises to help you move the intestinal muscles around your abdomen and relieve constipation. These are exercises that you can do either in bed or lying on the ground. Additionally, you can also massage your abdomen to promote movement of the stool through your bowels. All these exercises are helpful in promoting movement through the bowels. So you might not need to go to the toilet urgently, but hopefully, your bowels will move over the course of the day or sooner into the evening.

Meridian Exercises for Relieving Constipation

You can lie down either on your bed or on a mat on the ground. 

Fish Exercise

Lie down on the floor and clasp your hands, bringing them up over your head; also, plantarflex your ankle and shake your spine 20 times.

Next, lie on your back and flex your elbows; your palms should face down behind your back, supporting your spine. Finally, lift your legs and come down; notice your feet touching the floor when you come down repeat the exercise 20 times.

Knee to chest

Now bring your left knee into your chest; this is also known as a knee pull. So when you inhale, pull your knee in, and when you exhale, put your leg in the original position and switch to the right leg. Do the same exercise five times.

Bridging exercise

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and breathe in; push up from your belly button and squeeze your butt cheeks or squeeze your lower back up; Hold your breath in this position for five seconds, then return to the original position while releasing your breath.


Massaging your abdomen can eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, and improve blood circulation. First, put some massage oil in your hand and then warm it up. Start with right in the center of your navel massage clockwise.

Then come down to the base of your ascending colon right above your iliac crest and then move toward the top of your ascending colon. Spend more time anywhere you feel tightness or cramping. You can do nine circles in each spot. Then move towards the transverse colon and descending colon and perform the same massage method, nine circles in each area.

Performing this abdominal massage will relieve constipation and give you a good flow of energy in your body.


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